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Online Marketing | Internet marketing | Digital Marketing course | SEO Training in Delhi/NCR, Lucknow, India

SEO is broadly technique to boost any type of business or services over Internet of digital marketing. By using these techniques business or service website owners can get higher rank in search engine result and stay on top on same if they do continue with the same technique from the best SEO Company.
Anyone can get training in SEO from the best SEO Training Institute to boost their career in Digital Marketing. As we know large number of online training centers are available that are serving SEO Course. But who is the best fit for you, you can make difference on the basis of Reading testimonials, reviews etc. We A1webservice offering SEO Course for students who are looking for their career in Internet Marketing, Training modules are opening showing to students how they learn and what they learn.

Salient Features

✓  30 Days Course
✓  Two times in a month
✓ Placement Assistance
✓  24*7 Supports
✓  Weekend Preparation for the Interview
✓  SMO Classes for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
✓  Life Time Membership Card
✓  Part-Time Job Assistance as well

Course Schedule

✓ Duration: 15 - 45 Days
✓ Website Design & Development
✓ Digital Marketing
✓ Please contact +91-8586818202r
✓ Email at


✓ Please contact +91-8586818202

Payment Modes:

✓ Bank Transfer or Cheque

How to Register?

✓ Visit at
✓ fill the form or
✓ Direct contact us +91-8586818202
✓ Email at
✓ Training Center - Lucknow

Training Steps:

✓ Introduction
✓ What is SEO?
✓ How it work?
✓ Why SEO?
✓ What are keywords?
✓ Types of keywords
✓ How to find Keyword?
✓ Types of SEO?
✓ Placing the Keywords in content
✓ Keyword Density
✓ DIffrence B/w Whte hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Other Important Factor about SEO

✓ Introduction to Google Algorithms
✓ What is Search Engine Algorithms?
✓ Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries
✓ Why a Search Engine penalizes a Website?
✓ What is Google Panda Algorithm?
✓ What is Google Penguin Algorithm?
✓ What is Google Pigeon Algorithm?
✓ What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

On-page SEO

✓ How to Select a Domain Name?
✓ Page Naming (URL Structuring)
✓ and Folder Naming
✓ Image Naming,
✓ Image Title and
✓ ALT Tags Creation
✓ What are Meta Tags?
✓ Description
✓ Author
✓ Country
✓ How to create Robots file
✓ Heading Tags (H1 to H6)
✓ Anchor Text, Link Title
✓ Robots.txt files use and creation
✓ php Sitemap creation
✓ XML Site Map Creation
✓ Introduction to Google
✓ Content optimization
✓ Grabadge value in URL
✓ Broken link find and fix
✓ Java script and CSS Simplification
✓ Analytics & Google Webmasters Tool

Off Page SEO Optimization?

✓ What are Backlinks?
✓ Why Backlinks are Important?
✓ How to Get Backlinks?
✓ What is Link Building?
✓ Do’s and Dont’s of Link Building
✓ Search Engine Submissions
✓ Directory Submissions
✓ Article Writing and submissions
✓ Press Release writing and submissions
✓ Social Bookmarking
✓ Classified Posting
✓ Blog Creation
✓ Blog Submission
✓ Blog Commenting
✓ Forum Posting
✓ Business Listing
✓ Video Creation & Optimization
✓ Infographic Creation & Submission
✓ Audio Creation & Submission
✓ Image Submission
✓ PPT Submission & Creation
✓ PDF Submission & Creation

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